Saturday, 24 November 2012

Amanda Righetti Without Makeup | Amanda Righetti No Makeup

Twenty-nine year old Amanda Righetti stars on the CBS hit, The Mentalist, as Special Agent Grace Van Pelt (no relation to Lucy and Linus). She looks like a special agent, doesn’t she? Tough and hard-nosed. Ready to crack some skulls. Currently in its fifth season, the cast of The Mentalist is so hynotically attractive that it can almost make viewers forget what a horrible show it is.

Though not especially memorable, Amanda is definitely incredibly beautiful … like a slightly less perfect Angie Everheart. She tends to favor a painfully bright red color for her hair, but if you can overlook that, she’s a very natural beauty. And Amanda Righetti without makeup looks amazing.

The first photo of Amanda without makeup was taken in September 2009 at the 23rd Annual Nautica Triathlon in Malibu. Headlights blazing, she has the insane glow of someone who just completed or is well on their way to completing high intensity torture. Almost unrecognizable with her flaming hair hidden beneath her helmet, Amanda looks very healthy and lovely.

The next photo was taken at the L.A. Haunted Hay Ride in 2011. She might be wearing a hint of makeup, but very little. Unless it’s for a bikini shoot, this chick does not dress down, so this is a rare glimpse of her looking casual. Her pale skin is luminous. She almost looks like a regular person … if that regular person happens to be extremely beautiful.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Amanda Bynes Without Makeup | Amanda Bynes No Makeup

Prior to getting in trouble with the law…drinking and drug using, Amanda Bynes was cute. We found a picture of her without makeup. Cute huh?

Poor Amanda Bynes is a joke. For those of you who live under rocks, the 26-year old was once a moderately successful actress, who then exercised some poor judgment, in the form of 2 hit-and-runs, a DUI charge, and driving on a suspended license, all within the span of 6 months. Soon she’ll disappear from the public eye, only to pop back up in a few years having found God, methamphetamines and/or a porn career.

It’s a shame, because while she was not a good actress, she was cute and twinkly-eyed, and Amanda Bynes without makeup looked adorable. Insanity and legal problems aside, it seems that Amanda experienced the frustration common to many actresses who rise to fame at an early age and are cursed with adorable, round baby-faces. They get sick of being cute, they want the public to recognize how mature and edgy and sexual they are, so they become skanks.

The first photo of Amanda Bynes without makeup was published in People Magazine’s May 2009 Most Beautiful People issue. At that time, she had not yet become a laughing stock and was riding on the success of Hairspray, in which she played Tracy Turnblad’s best friend. Photographed without makeup for this photo, she looks really beautiful. She admitted to having skin problems as a teenager, but her complexion is very clear and even here, and her eyes are amazing.

Amanda Bynes also looks really lovely in the next photo of her with a clean face. The natural beauty of her face is very striking. Her eyes are gorgeous, her skin looks great, and she has a nice smile. She’s just overall very cute. And it’s sad. You should have embraced the cuteness, Amanda. You had it, you squandered it, and now you are condemned to being your generation’s Tara Reid. Sorry.

Despite recent rumors, it seems that Bynes' professional team -- her agent, lawyer, and publicists -- haven't dropped her at all. Actually, Bynes' team was reduced months ago when she said she was "retiring" from the business. With no projects to promote, she had no need for a publicist or manager.

In fact, her former entertainment lawyer is hoping to work with her again. "She wasn't dropped," an "insider" tells E!. "Amanda Bynes fired [lawyer] Dave Feldman two months ago. He wants to take her back on as a client because he's genuinely concerned for her."

She did, however, get kicked out of a spin class at Equinox gym for removing her shirt and exercising in a push-up bra, and then stopping in the middle of the class to reapply her makeup. "Yes, I'm the cycling instructor that kicked Amanda Bynes out my class Tues Night! Wishing her a healthy recovery fro what she is going thru," the instructor tweeted, later adding, "Get well Amanda."

Alicia Silverstone Without Makeup | Alicia Silverstone No Makeup

Here's a picture of Alicia Silverstone in her bare skin, without ANY makeup on that face of hers.

Is that a pimple zit I see above that left eyebrow?

How does celebrity Alicia Silverstone look to you without her professional makeup artist to airbrush her skin - without those photoshopped photos? Is she still beautiful with the mini buck teeth and acne skin?

Alicia is a little rough looking like the average woman, but not fugly. She passed our beauty test. How about yours?

Remember way back in the early 90s when Alicia Silverstone was hot and badass in those Aerosmith videos? Stephen Dorff cheated on her so she got her bellybutton pierced and gave him the finger while dangling from a bridge on a bungee cord, and it was awesome … remember that?

Then she starred in Clueless, which had its moments, and then in the George Clooney Batman movie as Batgirl, which was horrible. Then she more or less disappeared. Only to resurface earlier this year in a disgusting Internet video in which she feeds her infant son pre-chewed food directly from her own mouth.

I don’t think she did anything in the intervening years other than become a vegan and lose her looks. Now 35 years old, her long blonde hair is still flowing and lovely, and unfortunately she still has that weird, twisty mouth thing going on. She’s a vocal endorser of a vegan lifestyle, with her own web site on the topic, and even her own brand of organic skin care and beauty products.

Someone should tell her that to be an effective spokeperson for a product or a cause … no matter how crunchy it is … you have to make an effort to look like it works in order to attract people to want to use what you’re selling. Having seen how she looks these days, I will run like Forrest Gump away from whatever she’s using, because she looks awful. And Alicia Silverstone without makeup looks absolutely dreadful.

Alicia Silverstone Without Makeup

First and foremost, that mole on her forehead is atrocious and should be removed immediately. Without makeup, her complexion looks blotchy and terrible … I thought being a vegan was supposed to clear that up? Overall, while she looks awful, she does look serene and even vaguely insane. Not as insane as she looks in the next photo though …

In the next photo, she has to be stoned or sleepwalking. She looks really rough. And, again, that mole is disgusting. Maybe her son could chew it off.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Alicia Keys without makeup | Alicia Keys no makeup

It’s sometimes said that life can imitate art and, in the case of Alicia Keys, she seems to have taken the title of her 2009 album, ‘The Element Of Freedom’ and put the ethos into action by letting her unpainted skin run riot occasionally.

We can thank producer Swizz Beatz for tweeting the first photo of his wife Alicia Keys without makeup, surfacing online in June 2012. The ‘Fallin” singer appears to be on the verge of fallin’ asleep here, so she may not have cared a jot.

Unlike many other makeup-free celebrities, Alicia still looks like herself. The only unsightly thing here is that headband. Hey, Alicia! John McEnroe called – he wants his headband back.

February 2010 also saw Alicia leaving her makeup at home, as she made her way through London’s Heathrow Airport. The ‘Empire State Of Mind’ crooner has always looked attractive to me, with or without makeup, though those spots would make her an ideal spokesmodel for acne products. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Alexa Chung Without Makeup | Alexa Chung No Makeup

For two consecutive years, model and television personality, Alexa Chung has been named the British Fashion Awards’ Style Icon, beating out even the Duchess of Cambridge. Though occasionally criticized for being too skinny (which she is), the 28-year old is considered to be the embodiment of contemporary British fashion, as well as the poster girl for women pursuing eating disorders worldwide.

Given her fashion star status, it’s nice to see that she is not above being seen with a clean face. Alexa Chung without makeup looks adorable, if decidedly unglamorous.

Alexa Chung Without Makeup

The first photo of Alexa with a bare face was taken in July 2009. Her skin is gorgeous and her face is really interesting. While I can certainly understand her iconic status, she’s simply too frail-looking and the way she purses her lips annoys me.

Though she’s tensing of her lips in that prissy way again, Alexa looks very young and pretty in the next photo. Her complexion is lovely, even against the stark background of the wall and her pale sweater. She’s a good sport for allowing herself to be seen this way, which is so different from her usual chic perfection.

Alessandra Ambrosio Without Makeup | Alessandra Ambrosio No Makeup

Before I became old enough to know who Pele was and was allowed to eat Brazil nuts (lest I choke and, you know, died), my awareness of Brazil was somewhat limited. Then catwalk queens like Gisele Bundchen and Alessandra Ambrosio surfaced, expanding that meager awareness somewhat.

Eking out an impressive living as a really, really, ridiculously good-looking person, the first picture, from February 2011, shows Alessandra Ambrosio without makeup and sweating it out in the gym like a newly divorced lumberjack.

Seen partaking in a Pilates class in California, the 29-year-old fashionista is wearing the same robotic facial expression we used to see on Katie Holmes’ face while she was with Tom Cruise, before she shoved him inside the dishwasher one day and ran to freedom.
The second image of a makeup-free Alessandra comes from a recent photoshoot, where she modeled the no makeup look alongside Adriana Lima, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and other successful models who have tongue-twisting names. Now I know what Victoria’s Secret is – the use of face paint.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Adriana Lima without makeup look | Adriana Lima no makeup

Victoria’s Secret model, Brazilian-born Adriana Lima, is a mind-blowingly hateful freak who can give birth and then flounce around nearly naked on network television without a care in the world just a few weeks later. No one on earth likes her.

The heart-breakingly gorgeous, 31-year old model, wife, and mother of two recently placed eighth on Forbes Magazine’s World’s Most Powerful Latino Celebrities list, by shaking her money-maker on the runway to the tune of $7 million in one year, between May 2011 and May 2012 (keep in mind that she was pregnant for a large part of that time).

That’s why it’s pleasant to those of us who have evil hearts, to see that Adriana Lima without makeup looks pretty, but not outrageously so.

At first glance, this photo of the model with a clean face, is not particularly earth-shattering. The longer you stare at her though, those crazy blue eyes begin to hypnotize you. They are subliminally reminding you: “Yes, my face is beautiful, but wait until you see my gigantic rack.” Her skin is a bit shiny without any makeup, but her complexion is gorgeous. Her eyes are striking and those big old lips are ridiculous.

The next photo was tweeted by Adriana herself on October 8th of 2012. It shows her after just completing a workout, which she must be doing non-stop these days to prepare for the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in two months. Her face looks lovely in this photo, but again, face shmace, she’s known for her bod. Her face is great but it’s not the star attraction.

Victoria’s Secret Show: Adriana Lima Without Makeup

Now that most of you have seen her runway & after party pictures, you’re in a much better position to guage exactly how much work it takes to make Adriana Lima look like Adriana Lima.

And yes, I understand these VS show pictures are getting a bit annoying, but hang in there. As you guys know, this is a huge ass event for Bastardly Horndoggs all around the globe. We’ll return to normal programming next week (maybe).